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Quiet time or a getaway from the chaos of life will give you some solace for sure. It's important to rejuvenate and plan a holiday once in a while. Kalpa in Himachal is your ideal getaway with your family. The scenic locales nestled in picturesque views will captivate you and leave you awestruck. It's part of Kinnaur district, but this town attracts many tourists every year.

The valley has some incredible views that will enthrall you. The place is influenced by Hindu and Buddhist culture. This exotic place is located 2960 above sea level. A trip to the place will give you a great delightful experience.

The beauty of this small town is mesmerizing and has a very raw vibe.

Kalpa is an unexplored place and view of Kailash range is simply amazing. Kalpa is home to many monasteries and different Hindu temples.

Places of Attraction

Kinnaur Kailash: It’s a place where fantasies and nature meet. With lush green mountains and vineyards, this place looks like a dream world. The enchanting view will surely give you the serenity you need in life. The place is located at the border district of Himachal.

Roghi village: The place is very rustic vibe and the feel is amazing. You will get to witness the traditions of people of Kalpa here. If you are an avid follower of culture, then you've got to visit this amazing small village famous for its endearing lifestyle.

Narayan Nagini temple:The temple has been constructed in Tibetan pagoda style of architecture. The temple is a great example of perfect Kinnaur craftmanship. Its located at the top of Chini village. It's one of the major tourist attractions of Kalpa.

Sapni Fort: If art and architecture both attract you, then this place is ideal for you. The place is known for its architectural splendor. Located near Sapni village, do stop by at this place when you visit Kalpa. It's an exotic destination and you will enjoy the place.

Basteri: Basteri is a small place near Sangla in Kalpa. The place is known for its local handicrafts. In fact, you can buy some amazing handicrafts and keep it as a memory with you. Kinnauri caps and shawls are quite famous so do buy one for yourself.

Treck to Chakka: Trekking is more fun if the destination is scenic. When you visit Kalpa and have plans for trekking, Chakka peak is the best place for you. The peak is located 15,000 ft above the sea level. You can enjoy a mesmerizing view while trekking with your friends.

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