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Unmissable on any vacation to Himachal is a stop to Sangla Valley, a gorgeous region. You would like the atmosphere of the location, which features gorgeous meadows and breathtaking natural settings. Additionally, you may relax and recuperate there.


Sangla valley is a stunning location tucked away in the Himalayan mountains. You would be in awe of the magnificence of this location with its snow-covered mountains and beautiful glaciers.

The Himachal Pradesh district of Kinnaur is close to Sangla valley. The location is well-known for its gorgeous forested slopes and apple orchids. Compared to other tourist hotspots in Himachal, this location is less busy.


It's the ideal location for some alone time with your significant other or pals. There are several sites where

Locations of Interest

Sangla Meadow: The lush meadows tucked away in a lovely valley. The beautiful Himalayan Mountains serving as the area's backdrop provide an excellent picturesque perspective. For the location's breath-taking vista, you must go. You will undoubtedly be mesmerised by the valley's splendour if you appreciate nature.

Chitkul: This location, which is 28 kilometres from Sangla Valley, will enthral you. The location lies along the Baspa River's banks. The location has a highly mystical attraction. Do go there to see the natural beauty.

Baspa River: If you are an adventure freak then don't forget to visit the place when you are in Sangla valley. It's a rippling river with amazing scenic beauty. In fact, it is a place where you can camp with your friends. The place is serene and it will help you to detox for sure.

Bering Nag Temple: The temple is an architectural marvel and the most popular one in the region. Tourists from all over Himachal travel to the place to visit the temple. For some divine intervention, visit the temple. It will give you some solace for sure.

Tibetan wood carving center: You can expect every kind of Tibetan products made from pure woodcarvings here. The products on offer are for sale and display. If you love Tibetan products, then you can buy something you love. It's a place where you would have a different experience for sure.

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